Royal Family
Located at east suburb of Nanjing,,close to Nanjing International School.
Beautiful compound with nice green garden, nice landscape. All the houses are big, nice designed, belong to Individual landlords, most houses are with beautiful decoration and modern furniture. Lots of expatriates from Europe are living there. For example, employees from BASF& International School teachers
Simple Club house with gym , restaurant & convenient shop.
House Types:
Detached house, semi-detached house and ownhouse are all available.

Xiang Xi Yue Yuan
Located at east suburb of Nanjing, it’s close to NIS.
Very modern design, elegant and fashionable renovation, European style villa compound consists of detached, semi-detached and townhouse. Wide road inside in compound.
Close to Yadong Club, indoor swimming pool, gym and children excise place. All of them are new facilities.
House types:

Detached house, semi-detached house and ownhouse are all available.
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Name Property Type District Bedroom Number Size (sqm) Rental/month (RMB)
Vanke Apartment Apartment Jianye 2-5 100-280 5500-20000
Golden Eagle Int’l Garden Apartment Baixia 100-280 2-5 5500-20000
Tian-an Int’l Mansion Apartment Baixia 1-3 55-150 3500-8000
Kingdom of Jin Ling Apartment Baixia 133-178 2-3 5000-10000
Golden Top Harbor Apartment Baixia 3-4 143-200 8000-13000
Crescent Lake Garden Apartment Baixia 3-4 130-250 7000-17000
Yincheng Dongyuan Apartment Xuanwu 2-4 100-230 4500-13000
Best of the Best Apartment Xuanwu 2-3 108-182 7500-11000
Noble Mountain Apartment Qixia 2-4 127-280 5000-15000
Renheng Bamboo Garden Apartment Jianye 2-4 120-160 4500-8500
Landsea Sunnyhome Apartment Jianye 1-3 36-130 2600-7000
Shangri-La Garden Apartment Baixia 2-4 120-200 4500-11000
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