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Royal Family
Located at east suburb of Nanjing,,close to Nanjing International School.
Beautiful compound with nice green garden, nice landscape. All the houses are big, nice designed, belong to Individual landlords, most houses are with beautiful decoration and modern furniture. Lots of expatriates from Europe are living there. For example, employees from BASF& International School teachers
Simple Club house with gym , restaurant & convenient shop.
House Types:
Detached house, semi-detached house and ownhouse are all available.

Xiang Xi Yue Yuan
Located at east suburb of Nanjing, it’s close to NIS.
Very modern design, elegant and fashionable renovation, European style villa compound consists of detached, semi-detached and townhouse. Wide road inside in compound.
Close to Yadong Club, indoor swimming pool, gym and children excise place. All of them are new facilities.
House types:

Detached house, semi-detached house and ownhouse are all available.
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Nanjing-in short name Ning, is the capital of Jiangsu province. It covers a total area of 6,598sq.km with an urban area of 4,738 sq.km. It has a population of 6,400,000 people and located in southwest of Jiangsu Province .Lying in lower reaches of theYangtse River,

Nanjing is one of famous four Chinese ancient capitals. it strides over north and south sides of the Yangtse River, it consists of 2 counties and 11 districts which are Xuan Wu District, Bai Xia District, Qin Huai District, Jian Ye District , Gu Lou District Xia Guan District , Pu Kou District, Liu He District, Qi Xia District , Yu Hua Tai District & Jiang Ning District. 2 counties are Li Shui County and Gao Chun County.

Nanjing belongs to moist subtropics weather, the four seasons is very clear. It’s also with abundant rainfall and plentiful optical energy. the annual average temperature is 15.6 degree , 43 degree (July 13 , 1934) of highest temperatures , -16.9 degree of lowest temperatures (January 6 , 1955). Annual average rain 117 day, 1106.5 millimeters of rainfall , frost-free season 237 day. In late of June till middle of July, is a rainy season.

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